Membership Ventures LLC

Building & Growing Membership Businesses

We Help Families Create Time Freedom Through Building Their Own Membership Business From Scratch!

Become An Expert

The goal is to become an expert in your field. To know your industry and niche intimately. The purpose is not GAIN but EXPERTISE and prosperity will follow!

Serve Your Market

Approach every market with a service mindset. What can I as the business owner do to best serve my current and potential customers.


Launch your business as quickly as possible so you can get data to make correct decisions, pivot where necessary, and grow!

Helping 1,000 Families Retire Their Loved Ones

On top of building our own membership businesses we are on a mission to help 1,000 family's retire themselves or a loved by building their own membership business too.

Our Main Brand: The Membership Guy

We are constantly building out many consumer membership brands however our main brand is The Membership Guy. In this community we aim to help family's learn the skills to create their own membership businesses and retire themselves or their loved ones!

Niche Selection

Learn how to research and select the correct niche .

Product Sourcing

Learn how to find products your niche wants so you can grow your membership busienss.

Getting Traffic

Learn paid and organic methods of driving traffic to your new membership business.

Data Analysis

Learn how to read data to know when and where to pivot so you can keep growing.


Access a growing community of 1,000's of students on the same journey as you!

Create Time Freedom

Use all the tools you'll learn to create time freedom for you and your family.

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